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SINCE 1932

KLEEN-AIR SERVICE CORPORATION is the pioneer duct cleaning company. Founded in 1932, KLEEN-AIR is recognized by The National Air Duct Cleaner Association as America's oldest duct cleaning company.

As a service driven organization throughout our history we have always provided the highest quality work available. We have done this by keeping close contact with our customers to ensure that we are serving their needs properly. All projects are reviewed by an Air Cleaning Systems Specialist (ASCS) as certified by NADCA. All work is done by using state of the art equipment. 

Throughout its history KLEEN-AIR has always prided itself on its ability to respond to the changing needs of its customers and market. We look forward to the challenges of tomorrow.

Our sales staff is devoted to understanding the individual needs of each client. A sales representative will evaluate the work by taking into consideration factors such as overall safety, difficulty, hours of operation and work duration. Most clients are provided with a proposal within 48 hours via fax or email and a hard copy can be mailed upon request.

Once we receive a purchase order, we take care of the rest. All necessary contract documents such as certificates of insurance and W-9s are submitted to the appropriate parties and work is coordinated by our reliable staff. This means we can design a schedule that meets your needs and work together to address any scheduling issues in advance.

The safety of your equipment and staff are our first priority. We understand the investment you have made in your onside equipment and the people who operate it. We take care of what is necessary to protect both of these assets. Upon arrival, our experienced service personel protect the site using tarps and plastic. They then lock out tag out (LOTO) any necessary equipment and follow all other OSHA procedures. Once the work is completed, systems are checked to ensure all access points have been sealed and equipment is in proper working condition. We then restore your space to its original condition by removing lok out tags and plastic and turning systems on.

After surrounding areas are carefully cleaned and checked for any debris, a final walk through is conducted. Clients are provided with a full report including before and after photos, a daily report and any other documentation and then sign off on our service.