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We don’t take the importance of life safety equipment maintenance lightly. All of our procedures have been carefully developed to meet the inspection criteria of JCAHO, NFPA and other government bodies, as well as Underwriters Laboratories Inc.


We provide thorough and convenient damper inspection service which includes inspecting the overall condition of the damper assembly, fire linkage and manual operation testing. All dampers are labeled and assigned identification numbers according to their type and location for your convenience.

We report any problems encountered during the inspection, directly to the facility staff and provide you with a written follow-up report that details damper count, number code, location and operation status. All reports are delivered directly to the facility staff for review. 


We offer inspection and remediation of areas identified by facility staff as having deficient penetrations. We photograph and prepare written documentation to guarantee compliance with applicable life safety codes. All systems used in this process are in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines and industry standards. 

All facility rules and regulations, including PPE, and containment procedures are followed throughout the entire process. Once all penetrations in the project area are remediated, a final report is generated and delivered directly to facility office.

We proudly use Hilti Products.