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Authorized Distributor of Parts and Services Gaylord industries
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TDW - TDW works naturally with a combination of scientifically adapted bacteria and enzymes. The unique detergent base softens oil and grease, allowing the grease-fighting bacteria and enzymes to convert it into environmentally acceptable elements. At the same time, they almost instantly eliminate unpleasant odors and gases so common to greasy drainlines. 

Formula G-510 - Formula G-510 is a multi-purpose colloid cleaner that's ideal for tough clean-up jobs like burnton food and heavy grease deposits. The colloids in Formula G-510 break up dirt into millions of tiny particles that constantly repel each other, so they can't stick back together and are easy to wash away. Formula G-510 is non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-caustic, non-fuming, non-flammable and nonexplosive! It's also 98% biodegradable and contains no phosphates, nitrates, enzymes, sulfates, sulfonates or silicates. Just add Formula G-510 to your Gaylord washdown system, and let its concentrated formula go to work safely and effectively. 

SC5 - Specially designed to work with most automatic water-wash exhaust ventilator systems, SC-5 breaks down grease and oil, washes away clean. SC-5's concentrated formula keeps water-wash exhaust hood systems grease-free and helps maintain systems as required by NFPA-96. Just add SC-5 to your detergent injection system, and let its unique concentrated formula go to work. Because SC-5 is certified biodegradable by Scientific Certification Systems, you know it's safe for your kitchen and the environment.


Hi-Powered Glass Cleaner - Cleans glass and stainless to a sparkling shine! The easy way toadd a sparkle to windows, and more. Just spray on, wipe off!

Hi-Powered Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrate - For the dirtiest, greasiest jobs, such as industrial ovens and grills.

All-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrate - Cuts grease and dirt with a fresh citrus scent. One of the most effective cleaners around. Dilute to the strength you need.

Heavy-Duty Pot Cleaner - Does the dirty work for you! This hand-dishwashing liquid is super-strength, yet easy on hands. With built-in skin conditioners.

Available in:
By the Case (4) 1Gallon Bottles
5 Gallon Pale
30 Gallon Drum
55 Gallon Drum
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