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A sales representative will evaluate work, taking into consideration factors such as the overall safety, job difficulty, hours of operation and work duration. Most job proposals are faxed or emailed with-in 48 hour and a hard copy is sent to customer via mail.

Once a purchase order is received, all contract documentation such as certificates of insurance and W-9 are submitted to the appropriate party, and work is coordinated. At this point a service date, time and contact person is established, and other specifics are addressed.

Upon arrival at the job site, our service personnel will protect any equipment that might be affected during the process. This is done by using tarps, and/or plastic. Equipment to be worked on is turned OFF, and locked out.

After work is completed, systems are checked to make sure all access points are sealed and equipment is clear. Locks out tags are removed, and systems are turned ON. Plastic is removed and surrounding areas are checked to ensure that there is no debris left behind from the work performed. A final walk through is performed to ensure all work meets customers criteria, and work is signed off.

“Before” and “After” digital pictures are taken depicting the work that was performed. A Picture CD and Daily Reports are generated describing the work performed, and signed copy of the Daily Report, along with any other documentation is submitted to the management. Invoice is mailed to customer along with all related documents.