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Our experienced staff has been working together as a team for years to provide unparalleled service.

Vincent J Shanahan Jr.—President 1974

As President of Kleen Air Service for 25 years, Vince understands the day to day operations and puts a premium on our client’s interest. His years of field experience combined with his many leadership roles in professional associations such as the Association of Facilities Engineers, Business Executives Association and HESNI have provided him with insight to client’s perspectives. This coupled with his relentless pursuit to employ the most effective and innovative techniques, have driven our compay’s success. As a graduate of Illinois State and UIC, Vince’s knowledge and client-focused vision have established and maintained Kleen Air’s reputation for providing the most honest and quality work available at any time. 

Contact Vince at Vince@kleenair.com

Michael C McDonald—Executive Vice President 1978

Mike’s hands-on approach complements our company perfectly. He is an Illinois State University graduate with over 25 years of experience and devotes himself to finding workable and cost effective solutions for every client. Mike actively works with our clients, visiting sites and determining needs. He is never satisfied until he can give you his word that the best solution has been reached. He also actively participates in numerous professional organization to stay on top of any information a client may need.

Contact Mike at Mike@kleenair.com

Timothy J. Shanahan—Vice President of Operations 1977

Tim, a graduate of Purdue University, oversees project management and places a premium on safe, timely and accurate project completion and customer satisfaction. We have been able to rely on Tim for over 30 years at Kleen Air Service and he has proven to be a leader in the field. He holds multiple certifications from NADCA, IKECA, IAQA and is an authorized OSHA trainer. He has provided technical expertise to thousands of safely and successfully completed jobs.

Contact Tim at Tim@kleenair.com

Jerry Olson—Vice President of Sales and Marketing 1996

After an exemplary career at Commonwealth Edison, Jerry sought a company where he could establish personal relationships with customers and joined the Kleen Air family in 2000. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University and years of experience working with facilities professionals and engineers. He prides himself on his ability to comprehensively understand client’s needs and the current trends of the industry. He is also involved with the Association of Facilities Engineers at the national level. 

Jerry at Jerry@kleenair.com.

Jeff Florek—Vice President of Logistics 1997

Jeff handles the day to day scheduling, coordination and management of our most valuable resource, our employees. His attention to detail and strong organizational skills maximize our efficiency and allow us to eliminate any unnecessary costs for our customers. He has earned a reputation for being straightforward, clear and concise.

Contact Jeff at Jeff@Kleenair.com.
Brian Buckley—Regional Sales Manager 1998

Clients rely on Brian to help them find what they need and never try to sell them something they don’t. His personable approach to customer relations and his willingness to devote individual attention to each client makes him an indispensible member of the Kleen Air staff.

Contact Brian at Brian@kleenair.com.

Edgar Romo—Director of Operations and Sales  1998

Edgar has been with Kleen Air for numerous years as a field technician and supervisor, while going to school at UIC. Upon graduation, Edgar was promoted and now works to connect clients with the quality service he use to provide. With a deep understanding of the dedication and skill that Kleen Air technicians possess, he confidently advises clients knowing the quality work they will receive. 

Contact Edgar at Edgar@kleenair.com
Vanessa Rivera—Vice President of Finance  2005

Vanessa keeps Kleen Air running as efficiently as possible, so that we can continue to provide our customers with the most cost effective solutions in the industry. Guided by good judgment, she assists in the day-to-day operations and is always eager to address any client needs.

Contact Vanessa at Vanessa@kleenair.com
Trish Kannon — Regional Sales Manager 2009

Trish provides an extraordinary commitment to quality and service. She has over 15 years experience providing customers with customized and cost effective solutions and is dedicated to the success of every project. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Western Illinois University and has taken many training courses focused on greener technologies and sustainability.

Contact Trish at Trish@kleenair.com.